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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crochet Steampunk Gear

Recently I have been merging my love of crochet with my love of the Steampunk genre. Well creativity generally leads to results and this is my newest result-- A crocheted gear! This is my own design/pattern and I am working on making more. I want to try wool yarn so the gears can be "felted."

NOTE: This pattern is for at home or personal use only. This pattern isn't to be copied, distributed or sold. Likewise the product made for this pattern is not to be sold. You may post links to this blog and pattern.

Items Needed for this project:
Crochet Hook (You can use any size you like. I used a size I/9 US 5.5mm)
Scrap Yarn (In this case I used Caron Simply Soft, %100 Acrylic in Brown. But again you can use yarn of your choice. Wool yarn is needed if you are planning on "felting" the project after it is completed.)
Tapestry Needle (Optional. I favor them for finishing off a project. They work great for weaving in ends.)

Chunky Crochet Steampunk Gear


CH 4; Join with a SL ST in first ch1 to form a ring.

9 SC in ring. Join in first SC with SL ST. (RND 1)

CH 1.  *2 SC in next SC* continue from *to* around. (20SC. RND 2.)  


CH 1.<SC in next 2 SC. CH1. *SC in next 2 SC. CH1. Turn work and SC in next 2 SC* Repeat from * to * once more. (3 rows).

Working down the left-hand side of the gear “tooth,” SC in first space. SC in the next two spaces down. (3SC). You have now formed the first “tooth” of the gear.

 SC in the next SC space. (You should now be back to the “wheel” portion of the gear. This SC counts as your first SC.) SC in next Sc. *CH 1. SC in next 2 SC. CH 1. Turn work; CH 1 and SC in next 2 SC *Repeat from * to* 1 more time. (3 rows).>

Repeat from < to> around. At last 3 SC, 1 SC in next 2 SC. SL ST into last SC. Finish off. (7 Teeth.)

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